End of Summer

It is hard to believe that we have arrived at the end of September! For some reason, it seems like September would never end!  Anyway, the weather has been gorgeous the last few days…low humidity and cooler temperatures!  I just love fall!!

Today I decided it was about time to harvest the final peppers from the garden.  Here is what I got:

001My half-bushel basket was just about full!!  These are jalapenos, hot chili peppers, and several varieties of bells.

I also noticed a visitor the other day just hanging around the house:


Last Saturday I took advantage of the beautiful weather to pull up my remaining summer flowers and plant pansies. Remember my repurposed bread pans? (https://cookbookexperiment.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/repurposed-bread-pans/ )  Here they are with their new fall flowers!